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Engineering Team

Our Team of Engineers and LabVIEW Consultants are certified, experienced and passionate about what they do.
John Porter

John Porter

Senior Systems Engineer

Expertise: BSc Robotics (1st Class Hons), Plymouth University. System Architecture, Advanced UI design, Large Scale / Multi-Target applications, Process Control Systems, ATE Systems, Control (PID / Incremental / Custom Algorithms), Custom Test Sequencers, Multi-Level Alarm Systems, High-Speed Data Acquisition, Instrument Control / Driver Development. Java, C#, Embedded C, SQL, Special LabVIEW Interest in Advanced User Interfaces & VI Scripting.

National Instruments Specific Experience: CertifiedLabVIEWEmbeddedDeveloperCertified LabVIEW Embedded Developver, LabVIEW, Real-Time & FPGA, Toolkits including Database Connectivity / Report Generation, cRIO / Industrial Controllers / Real-Time PC, DAQmx (USB / Ethernet / PCI / PCIe).

John’s degree in Robotics provides a background in a range of software languages and tools, electronics, embedded, sensors and integration. After graduating John joined NI UK as an Applications Engineer providing support for the NI suite of hardware and software, as well as teaching the full range of the LabVIEW courses before becoming an alliance partner consultant.

John has led teams creating a wide range of LabVIEW software applications for customers across a variety of industries, primarily in Petrochemical, Manufacturing and Aerospace. The majority of applications involved control of bespoke rigs, designed and built in-house, usually based on the NI cRIO platform.

Dan Boxshall

Dan Boxshall

Senior Software Systems Engineer

Expertise: MEng Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Bath. Software Architecture Design, Green Energy, Building Management, Power Electrical, Algorithms, Academic Research. CAD (2D and 3D), BREEAM Assessment, Healthy & Safety Assessment.

CertifiedLabVIEWEmbeddedDeveloperNational Instruments Specific Experience: Certified LabVIEW Architect |Certified TestStand Developer. Actor Framework, Object Orientated Programming, Project Specification, Design Verification, cRIO RT and FPGA, TestStand, PXI, Instrument Device Drivers, Instrument Control (Serial, GPIB, etc), X Controls, Advanced Algorithmic Programming, Databases, Source Control, Unit Test Framework.

Dan has worked as a project engineer in building services consultancy and high power electrical products, and is an experienced senior software systems engineer. Dan is a founding organiser of the South West LabVIEW User Group (SoWLUG) and has competed in the NI Days Challenge the Champions event.

Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin

Systems Engineer

Expertise: BEng Electronic Engineering, University of Surrey. Instrument Control/Driver Development, Data Acquisition. SQL, TestStand, NI DIAdem.

CertifiedLabVIEWEmbeddedDeveloperNational Instruments Specific Experience:  Certified LabVIEW Architect. Ex-NI Intern. Co-taught TestStand and multiple free LabVIEW taster sessions. Experience with Database Connectivity Toolkit and LabVIEW DIAdem Connectivity Toolkit.

As part of his degree, Michael spent a year working as an Application Engineer at National Instruments and following university worked for a year as a Software Engineer for an NI alliance member. Before joining Austin Consultants Michael spent three years at a company that specialise in distributed fibre optic sensing. Whilst there he worked predominantly on a large project involving pipeline surveillance monitoring and became a Certified LabVIEW Architect.

Jason Appleby

Jason Appleby

Systems Engineer

Expertise: BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering BEng, Sheffield Hallam University. Mathematics, Problem Solving, Data Acquisition, SQL, MATLAB, PSpice, MPLab, Visual Studio.

CertifiedLabVIEWDeveloperNational Instruments Specific Experience: Certified LabVIEW Developer. LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA, cDAQ, cRIO, MAX

Jason is a LabVIEW developer who has over five years’ experience working with NI specific products. He has worked on a diverse range of test, measurement and control projects within this time, ranging from simple data logging and analysis systems to medical testing of bone irregularities. More recently, Jason has been focusing more on LabVIEW RT and FPGA projects based on National Instruments cRIO platform. Jason’s skill set includes a mechanical engineering capability, an advanced knowledge of SQL queries and reverse engineering a range of instrumental databases and instruments from the output commands.


Steve Willoughby

Steve Willoughby

Systems Engineer

Expertise: BEng (1st Class Hons) Communications and Electronic Engineering, Northumbria University. Electronic design, basic mechanical design, various CAD software, LabVIEW. Electronic (Altium, Eagle), knowledge of embedded C (PIC, ARM-based TI uControllers and Arduino), basic Python, basic mechanical CAD.

CertifiedLabVIEWDeveloperNational Instruments Specific Experience: Certified LabVIEW Developer. LabVIEW, IMAQ, Instrument Control (GPIB, USB, Ethernet, PXI).

After leaving university Steve spent 6 years with the Civil Service as a systems engineer.  Steve then worked for Instrumentel Ltd developing hardware for service monitoring systems using both standard wired sensors and more specialised RFID based technology. He also developed an understanding of mechanical engineering, particularly mounting electronics systems in both clean and harsh environments. Steve gained experience of LabVIEW whilst based on a one-year secondment to Atmel in Heilbronn, Germany, where he assisted in validating and characterising small batch IC’s.

Nicholas O'Leary

Nicholas O'Leary

Systems Engineer

Expertise: Automated Test using PXI, LabVIEW and TestStand. HIL and MIL testing based on NI RT with VerisTand. NI Hardware and Software support

CertifiedLabVIEWEmbeddedDeveloperCertifiedTestStandArchitectNational Instruments Specific Experience: Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Architect, NI Employee for 3 years. Taught many courses (from beginner to advanced technical content), including LabVIEW Core 1, 2, 3, Embedded Systems, DAQ, VeriStand, TestSTand Development and Architecture, Managing Software Engineering Have also worked within the sales structure of NI.

Nicholas graduated from an Aerospace Engineering degree at RMIT in Australia. During studies, he had a semester exchange at the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China and completed his thesis paper in conjunction with Astrium GMbH (now Airbus Defence and Space) in Bremen Germany. After joining NI as a graduate employee, Nicholas gained a wider knowledge of software development, and test and measurement systems. He has presented at NIDays on the topic of Automated Test and delivered a wide range of formal training to NI’s global customers.

Matthew Frain

Matthew Frain

Systems Engineer

Expertise: MEng Mechatronics and Robotics, The University of Sheffield. Control Theory, Autonomous Robotics, Matlab, C++, CAD, Condition Monitoring, Data Modelling and Machine Intelligence

Matthew Frain, a former summer 2017 intern, joined Austin Consultants following the completion of his Master’s degree in Mechatronics and Robotics at The University of Sheffield. Matthew’s time at the university provided him with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of advanced control theory as well as the practical expertise to apply this knowledge to a range of mechatronic systems.

Through university, Matthew has been involved in a number of projects involving autonomous robotics and focused on the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology in manufacturing environments.


Callum Houghton

Callum Houghton

Electrical Technician

Expertise: Hardware assembly.

Callum is a key member of the hardware team, working with our consultants he is responsible for the wiring and construction of our custom engineering. He joined Austin Consultants following an apprenticeship and has been involved with the on-site installation of a number of major projects.

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